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  • Manoverboard PainsWessex MK9 (MOB)

Manoverboard PainsWessex MK9 (MOB)

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04 / 07 / 2020
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Medan Safety adalah Perusahaan yang berdiri tahun 2010 yang bergerak di general supplier berikut distributor dan toko yang menjual berbagai keperluan untuk perlindungan diri berikut dengan perlengkapan safety. Kami juga menjual secara grosir maupun eceran tersedia bagi perusahaan yang sedang mencari perlengkapan safety.

Detail Manoverboard PainsWessex MK9 (MOB)

• Day and night signal attached to 4kg lifebuoy and used in an emergency to mark the position of man overboard.
• Provides 15 minutes of dense orange smoke.
• Far exceeds SOLAS requirements of 2 hours at 2 candela for light output and duration.
• Safe to use on petrol or oil covered water.
• Lithium batteries sealed for life - no annual replacement.
• Screw fit, inversion switched, LED light units.
• Automatic or manual deployment.
Universal stainless steel mounting bracket. Usually mounted on a ships bridge wing
• Approved mounting height: 56m - but manufacturer tested to survive 100m drop into water. (SOLAS only requires 30m).
• Ideal for use on ships or rigs with high freeboard

• Height: 375mm (14.76 in)
• Diameter: 183mm (7.20 in)
• Weight: 3.3 kg (7.27 lb.)
• Weight – including bracket and angles: 3.85 kg (8.5 lb.)
• Net Explosive Content: 1.287 kg (2.84 lb)
• Lamps (bulbs): 2 x 3.6v 2.0A
• Temperature range: -30°C to +65°C
• Burning time: 15 minutes
• Colour of light: white
• Duration: 2 candela for 2 hours
• Use with lifebuoy weighing: 4.0 kg (8.82 lb.)
• Attach to lifebuoy with line: 4m (13ft) long, 9.5mm (0.37 in) diameter
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