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Saeka Cleaning Paste (Sakaphen Hijau) Pembersih Peralatan & Sparepart

Update Terakhir
04 / 03 / 2021
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1 Unit


Medan Safety adalah Perusahaan yang berdiri tahun 2010 yang bergerak di general supplier berikut distributor dan toko yang menjual berbagai keperluan untuk perlindungan diri berikut dengan perlengkapan safety. Kami juga menjual secara grosir maupun eceran tersedia bagi perusahaan yang sedang mencari perlengkapan safety.

Detail Saeka Cleaning Paste (Sakaphen Hijau) Pembersih Peralatan & Sparepart

Product description:
The SAEKA Cleaning Paste 80.750 prevents dust and continuous water films on insulators and protects against flash overs. The SAEKA Cleaning Paste extends maintenance cycles and reduces downtime. The SAEKA Cleaning Paste is suitable for the cleaning and sealing of heavily soiled, smooth and scratch resistant surfaces in one pass. Simply apply with a cloth and polish. In areas with high humidity or air pollution, additional protection with SAEKA Silicone Grease 81.750 is recommended.

The product is physiologically harmless.
No protection is needed.
Filling weight: 750 g

Resistant against corrosive mediums, salts or gaseous contaminations in the air.
Easy application. Do not store below +10°C
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