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THURAYA IP+ Modem Internet Satelite

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22 / 07 / 2023
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Medan Safety adalah Perusahaan yang berdiri tahun 2010 yang bergerak di general supplier berikut distributor dan toko yang menjual berbagai keperluan untuk perlindungan diri berikut dengan perlengkapan safety. Kami juga menjual secara grosir maupun eceran tersedia bagi perusahaan yang sedang mencari perlengkapan safety.

Detail THURAYA IP+ Modem Internet Satelite

When you require exceptional mobility without compromising on connectivity, there is only one solution: Thuraya IP+. With its high-speed IP capabilities, Thuraya IP+ empowers users to stay connected with corporate networks, browse the internet, communicate with colleagues, family, and friends through email and social media, and conduct video conferences or satellite VoIP chats wherever and whenever needed.

As the most compact and lightweight satellite broadband terminal in its class, Thuraya IP+ offers the fastest IP speeds for its size. It is designed to support a wide range of mission-critical applications. Easily portable, Thuraya IP+ can be deployed from backpack to broadband within seconds. Benefit from Thuraya's reliable satellite network, providing access even in remote locations.

Perfect for critical operations in sectors such as broadcast media, defense, telemedicine, and disaster response, especially in areas with inadequate terrestrial network coverage, Thuraya IP+ stands as the preferred satellite broadband solution. Its portability and 'always on' satellite mobile broadband access make it the ideal choice for seamless connectivity on the move.

Key Features
- Easy to set-up and use
- Compact and lightweight
- Durable and dependable
- High-speed streaming capabilities
- Optimized bandwidth usage
- Unlimited data usage plan

Key Solutions
- Email, chat and internet services
- VOIP (encrypted)
- Encryption and secure VPN
- Compression and optimization
- Video conferencing
- Video surveillance
- Portable relied kits
- Critical comms and situational awareness
- Border monitoring - remote detection and classification
- SCADA and telemetry
- Underwater pipeline/cable repairs
- Vehicle and remote asset tracking
- Distributed offices
- GSM monitoring
- Portable GSM
- Unified radio + satellite comms/netted comms
- TETRA over satellite
- Radio over IP
- Fax

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